Early Childhood Memory Chapter 11 Analysis

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Chapter 9 covers the memory. The memory is where we retain information. The memory is formed in three steps; encoding, storage and retrieval. Encoding is the process of acquiring information and transferring it into the memory. Storage is the retention of information. Retrieval is the recovery of stored information when it's needed. Personally, if I have an exam that I must need to study the form by practicing it can help me the next day to retrieve my memory. Socially by paying attention to the person speaking to me, I can encode better what they are expressing. Professionally we can storage a sensory memory that a customer has said for a limited amount of time.

Chapter 10 covers thinking, language and intelligence. A language is a way
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I learned how can a teratogen, meaning a chemical that can harm the zygote, embryo or fetus can affect on the child. What you do during the pregnancy can affect the child even if it is a simple like a varicella or a much bigger problem like drinking alcohol. I personally would use this information because I never thought that an aspirin could do any harm and I learned it has effects on the child like heart defect’s, intellectual disability and slow growth. I learned about a few motor milestones like when should lift their head up or what age should the kids start walking.it help me because I would know what they should know and their process in what’s the average time of everything. Socially It would help me a lot because I deal a lot with kids and I have also three nieces really little that interact with a lot. I learned the newborn development stages and their meaning It starts one to two-week post conception is named zygote, between 3-8 weeks is called embryo and week 9 is called a fetus though the remainder of the pregnancy and when it born the first twenty-eight days is called a newborn. This help me professionally because if I ever have to talk I can explained more of the basic instead of just calling it a