Early Childhood Observation

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What behaviors would the child exhibit to keep the attached adult from leaving?
In early childhood, the child may show varies types of out of control behavior as a reaction from separation from attached adult. Children demonstrate behavior such as crying, clinginess, tantrums and want to be held.
How can another adult help the child to separate from the person that he or she is attached to?
Advising the parents to make sure the child is prepared. By having conversation about transition from home to school. Letting the child visit and get familiar with the classroom environment. Have the parents provide a comfort item, such as blanket and stuffed animals. It will help with the transaction and ease the separation anxiety. As a teacher, I will
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According to the dictionary autonomy is define as being self-governing, independent. When a child goes from infant to a toddler, that’s when the independence steps in. According to my knowledge from previous courses, toddlers start to become interdependent around the ages of two and explore their curiosity. People are labeling this a the terrible two I just look as the child like to see themselves as individual who are becoming their self by explore their curiosity with a few prohibitions to prevent them from any harm. and doing things on their own. A time frame to help a child who struggling to do something on their own varies on what they are struggling in. Some things take longer to learn than others. A lot of things is based on gender and the participation from the parents. Parents and teacher should teach and demonstrate things for the child and gave them opportunity to do it on their own if they failed to do so teach them again in some cases children learn by doing things by not following instructions.
Give an example of how it could be too little help or too much help.
Consider picking up after toddlers can be a little help. The reason I say this because some messy situation the child may be too young and harmful for the child to clean up. For example, a child can be running in the house playing around glass object and broke a vase or maybe you caught the child drawing on