Essay on Early le Corbusier

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University of Houston
Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
ARCH 2351/6341
Spring, 2015

Study Questions for Third Hour Exam
Friday, May 8, 11:00 am (NOTE: NOT the usual 10:00)


The exam will generally cover material presented in lectures from April 6 through May 4, but you may need to refer to previously presented ideas to write complete answers.

General Themes and Questions:

1. How is the Modern architecture of Aalto and Kahn different from that of Mies and early Le
Corbusier (Vyborg: Municipal Library; Saynatsalo, Town Hall; Imatra: Church of the Three Crosses; Philadelphia: Richards Medical Research Lab; La Jolla: Salk Institute; Rochester: First Unitarian Church; Ft. Worth: Kimbell Museum)?

2. How are German Expressionist ideals retained later in the work of Eero Saarinen
(Cambridge: MIT Kresge Chapel; NYC: TWA Terminal at JFK Airport; Dulles International Aiport Terminal) and in the post-War work of Le Corbusier (Paris, Swiss Pavilion; Marseille: Unite d’Habitation; Ronchamp: Notre-Dame du Haut, Chandigarh)?

3. How does Barragan combine Modern ideologies with vernacular sources (Casa Barragan; Chapel at Tlalpan)?

4. How do Postmodern architects use history, and why do they turn to architecture’s past for inspiration (New Orleans: Piazza d’Italia; Portland: Municipal Services Building; NYC: AT&T Building; UH College of Architecture)?

5. Other than to the past, where else do Postmodern architects turn for inspiration? How is contemporary society mined for architectural meaning? Explain Robert