Early National Education Essay

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Early National Education
The first 200 years in North America the educational goals was to teach religion. As the world change the requirements to educate changed as well, The history of early education started in 1731 when Benjamin franklin founded America’s first public library and opened the first English Academy in Philadelphia with a multicultural education in
Latin. While Mayor of New York City, Dewitt Clinton was instrumental in organizing the
Free School Society (1805). Between 1839-1847 many states adopted education laws that helped Hispanics and Germans Early childhood education was thought up by the
European's in the early 1800’s. American adopted the idea during the Industrial
Revolution. In 1873 Wisconsin was the first state to start a four year kindergarten. In
1907 Rome was using the Montessori Education method, America did not adopt this method until the 1920’s. In 1926 (NAEYC) National Association for the Education of
Young Children was established to improve the well being of all children. Head start was founded in 1965 for low income family during the summer time. There has been many other programs that individual states has created/adopted to suit the needs of early national education for there children, example New Jersey has the Abbott program that was found in 1999.

A Journey Through Time
• Teachers earned meager wages
• Many teachers left the profession because of pay
• Teachers taught expanded curriculums • Managed multiage classrooms
• More than half the students within a classroom did not speak English
• Today classrooms are diversity filled with students from all different cultural background