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The colors exercise was an interesting activity that helped me get to know myself a little bit more. I never really pay attention to the little details regarding my personality; I just act depending on the way I feel and following the way I was raised. The colors exercise made me stop for a second and think about myself, learn about myself, and learn how different but at the same time alike we all are. According to the exercise we did my personality color is gold with a score of 38 points, followed by green with a score of 36 points, on the third place is orange with 25 points, and at last blue with 21 points. I think that the colors exercise was accurate; when we were looking at the pictures to decide what color we thought we were, I was definitely trying to decide between gold and green. After taking the whole test, I noticed that my highest scores were those two same colors. I really think the gold color describes me really well. I am really practical, organized, provider, stable, punctual, dependable, painstaking, conservative, detailed, hard-working, consistent, structured, positive, reliable, etc. Those characteristics mentioned before are some of the main aspects that describe a gold person, which also describe me. I strongly identified myself with the explanations that the little pamphlet gave about gold. Some of them describe me more than others; for example, I am highly responsible and believe that work comes before play. I face this situation very often, where I have to decide whether I should go play and hang out with friends or just stay in and do homework. I am very neat, orderly and well organized; I hate to be around people that is not organized and that create a mess everywhere they go. It also bothers me a lot when people don’t follow rules or don’t do things the right way. I like to work hard to accomplish my goals and never stop until I reach them. Also, I dislike it when people change plans on me. So in general, I am really organized, disciplined, and like things to be done the right way. While I strongly agree with the fact that I am gold, I also have traits from the rest of the colors. Let me begin with blue; I also have my good side that cares about people and friendships. I am caring, sincere, romantic, nice, accepting, giving, true, etc. I like to talk about people’s feelings, to send and receive symbols of love, and I seek for sincere people. I really care about the people around me, especially my close friends. I am also curious, intellectual, logical, and analytical, traits that make me be green as well. I am always curious and like to analyze things, When I get into some kind of work, I don’t like to stop until I am done; so basically I have characteristics that make me be a green too. Sometimes I am spontaneous, really competitive, performer, excitable, adaptable, easy-going, and fun. I am always looking to do new and exciting things, sometimes I get bored of doing the same thing over and over. Even though I am gold, almost green, and blue and orange are our opposites, I can get along really well with my opposite colors. Obviously, having traits and characteristics from each color help me understand and get along with the people from the opposite colors. I think the trait that helps me the most to interact with different people is that I am able to adapt; I can adapt to different situations, circumstances, and personalities. For example, I am gold but my girlfriend is blue. I know that we are basically opposite colors but we get along really well. We have been dating for more than a year and we are still fine; we learned to get along with an opposite color, we adapted to each other. I have learned that it is important to deal with opposite colors because it is good to have different kinds of friends; if all of our friends have the same characteristics and tastes the relationships will be boring. That’s the way I see it. If we have different kinds of