Earth and Foreign Language Essay

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1. To solve the origins of life, two scientists at the University of Chicago conducted an experiment. They made artificial environments which were similar to the early conditions of the Earth in the lab, and finally created some organic compounds that contained a large number of amino acids, which are believed as the basic structures of living organisms. The results of this experiment also give much inspiration to followers.
However, many scientist s cast doubts on their experiment and the results. First of all, in their experiment, they took it for granted that there was continuous electric energy in an early Earth, but there cannot have been. Second, they did not consider the fact that the oxygen disappeared in their unnatural environments. Third, the organic compounds, which they discovered and were taken into account as critical materials can be detected in meteorites and comets. That is, their most important result, the amino acids, can be from the universe not compounded in the Earth naturally.

2. As people exchange their ideas, views and products with other people in the world, learning a foreign language becomes more and more important to their life. And so, how should we learn a foreign language? Some people say we can learn another language in our country without going abroad. On the other hand, others say that going to the country where the language is spoken is necessary or unavoidable to master it. The first view is that with technology and communication developments we have no need to go abroad to learn a foreign language. For example, we can catch up with the news on the other side of the world in real time with the aide of state of the art technology, the high speed Internet, broadcasting satellite TV, and our smart phones. In addition, it's not difficult for us to meet a foreign teacher and friends in our country any more. In some countries, there are many