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Earth-sized planet found in star's habitable zone

Hello, my fellow Americans. I am speaking to you about something that I think will be important for us to do in the future. On May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy addressed Congress with a proposal to put a man on the moon in the next ten years. Therefore, we should learn more about what is out there in space. An issue on this topic that I would like to address is Kepler-186f. '' Kepler''is what they are calling it for short. They also refer to Kepler as ''Earth's distant cousin." Scientists studies show that Kepler may contain a large source of water, they are however not sure if this liquid water would be suitable for life. Also, Kepler could be in a natural living space but there is no actual proof that you can live there. The planet is 10% larger that Earth and orbits a star called "M dwarf." "M dwarf" is a red star that is smaller, cooler and not as bright as the Sun. Scientists say that these "M stars" are the common types of star in the Milky Way. These potentially habitable planets are easier to find around the "M stars" because they are close to the cooler stars. While we have travelled through space, there is still much out there to be explored and possibly discovered. My plan in the future is to send spacecraft that will house drones and robots that will test and gather as much information on this planet. Once we have gathered this data, it can return to Earth and be analyzed by NASA…