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Could this B.C. Earthquake the Largest in Canada?

After a sleepless night of tsunami warning, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2 has struck on the northwest tip of Vancouver island around 2:35 A.M this Wednesday also covering other parts of BC.
This is the largest earthquake recorded in the history of Canada leaving about 850 people injured; 102 dead and 31 missing. At least 12 buildings have been red-tagged, which means that they have been designated as unsafe to enter,
Scientists say the earth's crust is made up of plates that move about as fast as a fingernail grows. These plates can slide past one another, run into each other, or diverge and move apart.
Magnificent Earthquakes says the Pacific Coast is the most earthquake-prone region in Canada. "The Ring of Fire circling the Pacific Ocean, and including Canada’s west coast, is one of the most active areas in the world says which includes Vancouver" Dr. Toor. “I really thought my house was coming down,” said Harkirat, who said the shaking lasted about a minute.
"I was coming back from my night shift, when the ground started to tremble. I thought the aliens were taking over the world at how hard the ground was shaking. But then I saw cars slowing down and that's when I realized it was an earthquake. I parked in the nearest parking lot and stayed in my car away from buildings until it was safe. What a night" said MJ.

Man looking through the crack caused by the earthquake.
"I was sleeping and suddenly my bed