Earthquake In Japan Case Study

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Japan is one of the countries in Asian. Base on research the name of Japan in Japanese call as Nippon. Nippon was mean of sometimes Nihon. In other side it mean Land of the sun have rising. The geography fact Japan location was state to the east of China. In addition that is the place or direction the sun have rises. In other hand, Japan have their own specialist about the geography. Japan does not share any land boundaries with others countries. However Japan close with Korea, Russia and China. Japan Was Popular with the thousand of island. There was more than 6000 island in Japan. As general knowledge, capital of Japan is Tokyo. Tokyo was the metropolitan area which have most of populous metropolitan area in the world. Not only that, but the largest of metropolitan area economy in the world is the boats. It is can be denied when Japan be the number 10th largest population in the world when Japan estimated at 127 million people. High of combined of population with the uninhabitable condition will make Japan countries has very high population
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The commonly effect that Japan always been experience such as destruction of property, loss of life, economy nosedived fall, currency collapse, incomplete infrastructure and more others. However because the earthquake too frequent in Japan, all of the problem and issue can be handled quickly and professionally. Today, if the problem occurs again that will be no more problem to Japan. In addition, because of earthquake, tsunami and volcano in Japan, Japan be the metropolitan developing countries with rapidly without any problem. Japan developed rapidly along with the world economy. This proved by the currency Japanese 'Yen' be the third in the world after United State Dollar (USD), and Euro. Other than that the unemployment in Japan is only 4%. This is the biggest factor that led to Japan advanced in the world economy