Earthquake Preparedness Press Release Essay

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Earthquake Preparedness Press Release to Los Angeles Area
Bobby Dillion GLG/220
December 3, 2012
Phil Clifford, PhD.


How can my family be prepared for an earthquake? This question haunts countless residents in the Los Angeles area every day. Hopefully we here at the Earthquake Preparedness Center can shed some light on how you can protect your family. My name is Darin Fort and I am the Director of Earthquake Preparedness for Los Angeles. As with any danger, knowledge of the event is of upmost importance. Some questions that should be asked by anyone who wants to defend their home against earthquakes are: What are the origins and causes of earthquakes and what is the relation of earthquakes to plate tectonics and faults
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In 1994 a major event struck which killed many, injured thousands, and destroyed billions of dollars’ worth of property. There were also major events which took place in 1881, 1922, 1934, 1966, and most recently 2004 where property was damaged and even worse lives were lost.
The hazards involved in an earthquake are countless. As stated earlier, the major damage causing force of an earthquake is the surface wave. The surface wave causes ground tremors that can knock building off their foundations and bring bridges crumbling down. If you are inside, either find the strongest area of the room or get under a table or desk and stay there. If you are caught outdoors get into the open, as far away from buildings, power lines, or any other type of tall or overhead structures. Another major hazard brought about by an earthquake is fire. Many times tremors from earthquakes can bring down power lines and rupture gas mains. In an event where you witness fallen power lines or leaking gas main, please move as far away from them as possible and contact rescue personnel as soon as possible. Crumbling dams and levees can also lead to flooding in some areas. Stresses in certain structures like dams and levees tend to not present themselves until it is too late to escape the rising water. You should evacuate the area until safety and rescue personnel have had time to clear the area and inspect the affected structure.
We can say, without hesitation, the earthquake activity