Earthquake: Revolution and Normal Societal Structure Essay

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Why did the author cause a massive earthquake in Chapter 5? Present at least two possibilities and supporting evidence to develop them.

Pablo Tercero’s use of the fable of the chickens organizing to triumph over a fox to insinuate a revolution connects to Clara’s dream of the animals refusing to behave normally. The fables of both Pablo Tercero and Clara provide a larger meaning and message than simply animal reactions. Whereas Pablo Tercero’s tale describes the spreading of ideas and organizing together, proclaiming, “If the hens can overcome the fox, what about human beings?” (154), Clara’s parable refers to the result or cause of the revolution and the disruption of normal societal structure. The theoretical revolution of animals causes complete chaos and confusion as “an enormous crevice formed…swallowing the chicken coops” (159) and the “people stopped sleeping in their houses…improvising tents in the open spaces or sleeping in the middle of squares and streets” (162). The community is entirely disrupted by the sudden disaster and is unable to react sanely through the confusion. The earthquake destroys the ordinary lifestyle of all the experiencers.
The author’s creation of an earthquake could also symbolize destruction that will occur in the future. Through Pablo Tercero’s efforts to circulate revolutionary ideas, Esteban and his institution are threatened. The revolutionary ideas of “Sunday’s off, a minimum wage, retirement and health plans” (155) all shake the