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Earthquake Shakes Vancouver An extremely damageable earthquake hit Vancouver at 7:14 in the morning of August 25. The whole city was almost destroyed by the disaster, more than five thousand people were killed and over thirty thousand people are injured.
In the west coast of Canada, where Juan de Fuca plate and North America plate meet, the Juan de Fuca plate went underneath North America plate and created a fault. The fault has last for hundreds of years and it had just break down days ago. The shaking caused the earthquake of Vancouver. Scientists had stated that the earthquake is a magathrust earthquake, which means an earthquake that has a magnitude of 9.0 or more. This kind of large earthquake happens in Vancouver every 500 to 700 hundred years. The large earthquake was felt even far away in Regina. Most parts of the city were totally destroyed by the earthquake. Government stated that the place will need at least ten years to build up to what it was before the quake. A major city of Canada has gone, and experts predicted that the economy and population of Canada will both go down a huge amount. “It was pretty early in the morning; I think it was about seven o’ clock. I was still in bed when I felt that great shake. I quickly realized that it was an earthquake. I got up quickly and ran out. My family were all there when I got to the street. We thought it was just a normal earthquake that’s just a little stronger, like those earthquakes that always happen in Vancouver. But then houses started to break down, and the ground starts to crack. We realized it was not just a normal quake, and we run to the field in my school which is just beside our