Earthworm Research Paper

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1. Hydrostatic Skeletons- The earthworm is a good example of an organism with a hydrostatic skeleton. It has a tube shaped cavity called the coelom that is filled with pressurized fluid and surrounded by rings of muscles. The fluid inside the coelum supports the organs and is resistant to any external compression. The muscles provide their cylindrical body with support and peristalsis moves the fluid, changing the shape of the coelom which causes the expansion and contraction that is the earthworms movement. There are several advantages and disadvantages for organisms with this type of skeletal structure:
Flexibility- with no rigid skeletal structure the organism is entirely flexible allowing it to fit into areas other organisms would not be
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The exoskeleton provides these organisms with protection and supports the body while allowing for movement. In the grasshopper the exoskeleton is made of between 30-50% Chitlin, a derivative of glucose that is secreted from the epidermal cells. The exoskeleton of organisms with open shells such as molluscs would not limit growth as new material can be added on to the shell. However, in the case of arthropods (the grasshopper, crabs, lobsters etc.) the shell does not grow with them and must be shed and regrown to meet their needs. Advantages and disadvantages of the …show more content…
It provides structure, shape and support to the body as well as protection to the internal organs. The endoskeleton of the shark is made up of cartilage unlike that of the rat which would include a small amount of cartilage but is mostly made up of bone due to the ossification process. Sharks have no need for the bones found in mammals which would only weigh them down. The cartilaginous skeleton of the shark serves the purpose of keeping it light weight as it does not have a swim bladder like some other fish to keep it from sinking. The cartilage is also much more flexible than bone and allows the shark to move quickly and make sharp turns, an essential skill for the hunter. Advantages and disadvantages of the