Earwax: Goal and Positive Role Model Essay

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Student Reflection

The value of obtaining a degree is priceless to me. There are many long-term results that come from having that piece of paper that has your degree on it. Almost all job markets out there in the world today require training with a higher education due to all the upgrades in technology that has come about. For me, the value of getting my degree means that I will be able to contribute to my family income along with my fiancée. I will be helping to provide a better way of living for my children and ourselves. I will finally be able to go to a job that I worked so hard to go to. All of the studying and assignments that I am having to go through right now is just a stepping stone to my future career. I am hoping that by me going back to school and getting my degree will help influence my own kids to want to make themselves better when they grow up. I want to be a positive role model and show them that they too can go to college and make a better life for them. All of the assessments and tools that are provided for us in this online learning environment are great and can be helpful to each of us for our future courses and future careers. I never knew all the activities that we have worked on in this course would show me things that I never knew about myself. My aptitude test and ethical lens inventory showed me the kind of personality I have in words. I knew things about myself but seeing them in writing is kind of a different view of it all. Building my career path is also something that helped me to find out what kind of career choices are out there that I had not even began to think would be something that I might want to do when I graduate as well. Going into college, my mindset was completely focusing on healthcare administration and that was it. Now I see what other careers there are available to use my degree with. It showed me that there are much more careers that involve working with the public besides working in a doctor’s office or hospital. Learning in this collaborative environment with all these other students is really a wonderful opportunity for me. I enjoy being able to type my responses to my fellow classmates and hear back from them. It teaches us to be more aware of others on a different level than being together in a physical classroom. Instead of being in a class with students your own age, you are with a variety of age groups in a collaborative online learning environment. This allows more diversity and different points of view from all kinds of people. There are many people that have so many different experiences and we can all learn from them. This course has also helped to teach me a little more about time and stress management. That is something that is very important to know how to manage in a positive way especially when you work, have kids at home, etc. It is very important to know how to handle all of these tasks to that things get done properly. I am glad to