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Amy Wurmnest
1. Title- What are the Lessons of Easter Island?
2. What?
Without judgment or interpretation describe in details the facts of the article (who, what, where, when, how).
Easter Island is one the most remote points on the globe and is called Rapa Nui by its inhabitants. It was discovered by European explorers on Easter Sunday 1722, they said there were few people living on the island and it seemed destitute, but they managed to have large statues of carved rock. Several explores came up with theories as to how the island came to be in its current status. But Hunt and Lipo refuted many of the items that previous researchers had found and came out with their own theory that instead of destroying the environment the islanders actually worked with the hardships they were given and made them work. It was the arrival of Europeans that brought the ruins to the lands and introduced many diseases, animals, and other problems and destroyed the land and its native people.
3. So what?
I learned that from all the research like the charcoal remainders, and nut shells and also ancient pollen grains we are able to tell how the islanders were able to live. I found it interesting how each researcher had such a varying theory from the final one that was talked about by Hunt and Lipo. I think that reading is relevant to how live to day in that we must not abuse the resources that we currently have as they may not be able to sustain forever, we must constantly be on the