Essay on Eastern Religions

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Eastern religions refer to religions that originated in the Eastern world and are different from those originating from the West. Eastern religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Daoism. These religions are all very different, but originating from the same area, have some similarities. For example they all believe in balance. Buddhism and Hinduism recognize the cause and effects of karma, and what happens when it is off balance. On the other hand Daoism relates back to the Yin and Yang for almost everything showing another side of balance. Other concepts that they share are along with karma are dharma, maya, and samsara. Eastern religions are also a combination of philosophies and religion. Many Westerners try to separate the two, but they are intertwined.
A main difference between Eastern and Western religions is polytheism versus monotheism. Western religions such as Christianity are monotheistic; while a majority of Eastern religions are polytheistic. Eastern religions also have an oneness with nature, recognizing the importance of everything in it, but Western religions often separate themselves from nature and other natural things. In Eastern religions there is generally no word for the divine, while in Western religions the divine are referred to as “God” or “Father.” Western religions mainly see reaching enlightenment as a process that can only be attained through a relationship with God. On the other hand, Eastern religions have many practices and