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It is a pity while driving through the city, state or country. Everywhere it is bad. Driving is so tough. We all need a job if we have a car. We have a problem as a whole. The gas companies are corrupt. They are charging us so much money for gas. Why do they do this? I don’t know. That is a problem. Everyone will agree that this is a big issue. Everyone wants to do something to fix this problem. It is agreed by all parties that the has prices are bad. I have an solution though. Since the gas prices are about 100$ per gallon, we overthrow them! Yes I say we storm their base with pitchforks and torches. My intention is to get gas prices lowered for good. Not to just get them for a little while like 3 years or so. I want this to be big! This is for all the people who are low on money, and all the nuns who got expelled because of their dirty habits. The gas companies are the enemy. They force us to buy there gas and set high prices on it. We have no control of it also. So for us to have some kind of control, we need a plan. We need to attack our enemies! This is because if we do, we will have a say in the gas prices and they will go down and the people will have control. Attacking the gas companies is the only way. I know this sounds unreasonable, but think about it. If I, just a standard American citizen can get this problem solved. Life would be a lot easier. This is my duty, to fix society and make sure everyone lives easy. We go and order them and threaten them to lower the gas prices. If they do not do that we kill them one by one. This will force them to lower the gas prices and we will unite so the government can not stop us. If everyone pitches in then they cannot arrest