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Easy Target
The first year I was at Sweeny Jr. High was in 2007; I was in 7th grade and I made a friend, his name was Stanley. Stanley had a large heart, which made him an easy target for bullies and unlike the other students in our class he was kind to the new kid in school; he never made fun of me for being the new kid or called me names. That was because he knew what it felt like to be made fun of. Stanley was a very large kid so people thought they could push him around and call him names like: big boy, fatso, fatty, and other inappropriate names. No one really knew his condition; he has many medical problems that make it hard for him to be any smaller than he is. In athletics he is always teased by the other athletes always wanting to go up against him just so they can push him down, laugh, and just put him down. I never knew what was going on between him and those kids, but after a couple of days of this Stanley was starting to become quiet and not talk to anyone. When I would ask him, “What’s wrong Stanley?” he would just reply, “Nothing dude just leave me alone for a little while.” Therefor I did but I always tried to figure it out.
This was starting to anger me; my only friend here wouldn’t even talk to me. His situation was just beginning, things just got worse and worse because nobody would stand up for him. He just took abuse from the same people every day. As weeks past Stanley was looking depressed and it was looking like he didn’t even want people to talk or even get near him. All this went on for a whole semester and no one did anything to stop the kids from doing this. Stanley finally started to talk to me again and was telling me what all was happening and how he felt so helpless because they could move faster than him.
About four weeks into the second semester we were in the gym at about 2:45 and the coaches were in their office and a few kids walked up to Stanley and pushed him to the ground and started to beat him up. When I saw the commotion I found the courage to jump up and get the people off of him and said, “Why do you pick on him; what did he ever do to you all; is it just because he is big and can’t move very fast; is it because he’s too nice and an easy