Essay about Easyjet- Principles of Operations Management

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The essay will firstly introduce the organisation easyJet. Secondly the essay will explain about how easyJet uses its operation strategies and its competitive priorities. Finally the essay will discuss the most important operation decision and explain it further in detail. easyJet is a well known low-cost airline which operates in several European countries and has been founded by serial entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995. easyJet undertook intensive research of a United States owned low-cost airline ‘Southwest Airline’. Most of the concepts for easyJet were adopted from Southwest airline; however easyJet added its own touch which reduced operating costs even further. EasyJet was strategically located at London's Luton airport. …show more content…
Yet the passenger is always guaranteed the lowest price. The prices for the seats fluctuate depending on the demand for them at a particular time. This shows his statement towards its airlines and how it utilises its planes to the maximum. easyJet would also do seasonal flights for example more flights going to Spain throughout the summer period with more demand going to tourist destinations and throughout the winter period more flight going to ski resorts such as Switzerland and the Himalayas. Making sure the planes are as full as possible and flying as much as possible. If aircrafts are empty then there would no point for the aircraft to fly to the destination as this would be costly. easyJet would offer very low cost tickets if tickets are not demanded and there is vacates on board the aircraft. They could do this by advertising.

Forecasting is an important operational decision for easyJet because they need to have an effective approach to forecasting, to be a connected part of the business plan. Forecasting is crucial for easyJet and is inherently difficult. They have to consider factors such a competitive actions, seasonal factors, economic environment and constant fare changes they must overcome. Adding the demand from customers at a particular season make it more complicates the problem. A forecasting example for easyJet would be to determine the number of seats to make available and different fares