Negative Effects Of The Media

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The Negative Effects of the Media
In the society that we live in today, there is an unhealthy obsession of the idea of being perfect. Particularly to women, the media damages the perspective of how women should act, talk, what they should wear, and most of all, how their body should look. Due to the media, women begin to believe that their body is not the definition of perfect. A woman believes that they have to be completely stick thin to be beautiful. However, the media is giving false accusations because that is not the case at all. The media of today affects women body image in a negative way because it leads to problems in self-esteem, eating disorders, and even suicide.
Many teenage girls and young adults believe that they are not good enough because they do not look like the women in the magazine. Does it matter if you are not a size zero or size two? The only thing that matters is that you are healthy and happy with your body. However, because all celebrities and models are super skinny, it brings girls self-esteem down because they believe they are not perfect. The media makes girls believe that those who supposedly have an ideal body image have perfect lives. Perfect is not being skinny. Perfect is not being really tall. Perfect is not being completely flaw less. There is no such thing as perfect, for it is only an illusion.
The media also is one of the main causes of eating disorders. Many types of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia affect millions of women. Teenage girls everyday compare themselves to the tall, skinny, beautiful, flawless models they see in the magazines. They wish that they could be as skinny as all the celebrities and wonder why they do not look like them. Millions of women in our society spend their days hating their body and end up putting themselves in danger just so they can be thin and happy. Girls end up starving themselves while watching their friends eat delicious food just thinking that when they will be thin, their life will be better. Girls cry themselves asleep because they do not believe that they are beautiful because of their weight. According to, four out of five women in the United States are unhappy with their appearance. Also, seven out of ten women feel more depressed after looking at fashion model