Essay Eating Breakfast Pursuasive Speech

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Topic: Eating a healthy breakfast; why it’s important for college students.

Organization: Problem/Solution

Specific Purpose: I want my audience to understand that there is time to eat breakfast in the morning and why, how and what breakfast can do to help your health.


Attention getter: You wake up and oh man, what’s that feeling? It feels like your insides are caving in and wait, wait – you’re hungry. Starving actually. Oh no, you have three minutes to get to class so it’s either this: you check your myspace really quick or you grab an apple and an orange juice. Not many people grab that apple and eating breakfast can be one of the most important things you’ll do in the morning.

Relevance: As
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The solution I propose is to make the importance of eating breakfast and how it contributes to an overall health more relevant. This will in turn teach people and instill it into daily lives affecting others and their own families and hopefully spark up more media interest in college student’s health.

A) Health classes have proven to strike a chord with students on many subjects such as Pregnancy and teen sex health.

1) Health classes prove to work on their students.

2) It would give them more of an advantage when setting out into the college world since in high school they had taken this class.

B) More severe health conscious physical Ed classes have led an increase in awareness.

Physical education classes have helped start kids on their journey to better fitness

4. It has also sparked a great interest in media to get kids healthier snacks, foods and physical activity.

Problem Summary: So it’s very obvious that breakfast links us all to a central health system Solution Summary: However, it’s also very obvious that many people don’t understand the effects of not eating breakfast can do to our bodies, souls and minds.
Memorable Closing: So let’s think about it. Eat in the morning and be happy or starve or we can eat coffee and sugary snacks that mess with our bodies, starve ourselves and be grouchy, uninterested and irritable? We can take five minutes to eat a breakfast bar with juice and hit the gym later, or