Eating Disorder Clinics

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Eating disorder clinics, such as Renfrew, are not entirely effective at successfully treating people with eating disorders. Eating disorders are more of a mental illness than physical because it has the highest mortality rate than of any other mental illness, says the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. These clinics are meant to physically, and somewhat mentally, bring people back in society as healthy individuals, but a majority of the patients there don’t desire the help that the clinics are offering. Although there are people who actually want to get healthy and go back to their normal lives and succeed in the battle, there are still those of whom who hate the clinic and compare it to a prison to which they are forced to confess you have an eating disorder; thus forcing these patients through …show more content…
Although privileges (known as the “level system”) are given to people who progress in their attitude, physical appearance, and overall health, the patients are not always satisfied with their results. Most of the people there want to feel “beautiful” and the only way they know how to feel that way is to abide by society and become thin to become beautiful. This is more of a self-esteem issue that then becomes a physical issue soon after they’ve become brainwashed with what society expects. However, according to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, it is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder – seven million women and one million men, but what’s the cure for all of these people? It’s all in their head. If these people want to get better and go back to their normal lives, they can, but they have to want it. Psychologically, eating disorders are the cause of being unsatisfied with yourself; to conform to the thought that if you’re skinny, you’re beautiful. (Selene Domien, “Mirror