Essay about Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders


Stifanos Gebremedhin


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Eating Disorder (Overeating)

Food is a necessity in life we have to eat in order to survive. Nature has endowed us with a desire to eat the foods that keep us alive and healthy and a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction when we do so. There are several characteristics that separate normal or occasional disordered eating which consists of episodes of uncontrollable eating, which causes food addiction. Food addiction is maladaptive, so people overeat to feel better; it often ends up making them feel worse, and gives those more to feel bad about. Food addiction can threaten health, causing obesity, malnutrition, and other problems.


The overeating that food addicts do is persistent, so a food addict eats too much food often the wrong kinds of food too much of the time. “We all overeat from time to time, but food addicts often overeat every day, and they eat not because they are hungry that means eating disorders causes addiction”.


When eating the same food, at any time, at everywhere and what so ever you got. People with eating disorders often have extremely distorted perceptions of body shape and size, and exhibit extreme eating patterns that range from eating far too much to eating too little to survive
There are different categories of eating disorders these are closely related to other types of addictions, such as alcohol and drug addiction. In these days different types of eating disorders are appeared. So many People have become food addicted. Food addicted has trouble controlling the impulse to eat and trouble stop eating. For some compulsive eaters, the drive to eat is so intense that it overshadows the motivation to engage in other rewarding activities, and it becomes difficult to exercise self-control. This is similar to the compulsion that an addict feels to take drugs, when this occurs, the compulsive eating behaviour can interfere with their well-being and their health.


“There are several similarities between food addiction and drug addiction, including effects on mood, external cues to eat or use drugs, expectancies”and it can be an attempt to emotional or psychological issues. high stress, poor self-image, physical trauma, or psychological trauma, negative feelings-overeating to feel better, and feeling ashamed , life starts to feel unmanageable, a diagnostic hallmark of addiction.


The main cause of food addiction is that most foods taste good and are pleasurable to eat, some foods act on our bodies like drugs. Certain combinations of concentrated salt, fat and sugar and other ingredients act on the brain's reward system much like heroin, cocaine, salty and sugary foods are such a perfect product. They're cheap to manufacture, and once companies get people to try them through