eating disorders Essay

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Self-starvation disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are some of the many problems women in our society are going through. As Pamela Erens, in her text, states that women end up destroying their lives just so they can,” live life as the perfect women.” She discusses the,’ superwomen syndrome’, in which women attempt to become the perfect friend, lover, hostess, student and above all become perfect looking. Society looks upon women with high expectations and this causes women to choose internal havoc over external imperfection.
Throughout the text, Erens describes the problems of eating disorders in women throughout the country. Women with these disorders have to go through shame and secrecy in fear of getting labeled as “sick” or “weirdo”. Women in colleges, homes and workplaces are suffering from these disorders and not getting help only because of the embarrassment they would have to go through if people found out their secret. Naomi, a bulimic student stated that she would rather be an alcoholic than being overweight because,” fat is something you can see.” Destructive eating patterns such as bingeing, chronic dieting and aerobic nervosa are harming the life of many women and many of them are not seeking help in fear of what the society will think if their secret was exposed.
Therapy, as Erens states, is the only solution for this problem. Conquering the fear of embarrassment and building the strength to actually “sweat out” the desire of binging is the only thing