eating out Essay

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Glenda Cantu
Mrs. McCoy
August 27, 2014

As she is driving down I-35 and pondering on what to eat she has a pretty good idea where she is heading, it’s a normal routine when she is in the mood for Mexican food. As she pulls up near the strip mall on Industrial Blvd. and sees the flashing neon “OPEN” light and starts anticipating what she will be eating this time, she gets hungrier as the seconds tick since the smell of the fresh food lingers several centimeters away from where she is parked. Her stomach starts growling, she so hungry she can eat a cow, really that is just how hungry she is. She can barely wait to get inside and actually be seated by the waiter who so nonchalantly stops what he is doing to attend to her, isn’t that very nice of him. This place in her opinion has some of the best entrées in town, so tasty and well refined with texture. There is a great feeling knowing that as soon as she sits down she will be greeted by her waitress with a basket full of freshly baked crispy chips alongside it will be some salsa to go with them, but like always she has to have her devouring queso blanco. She dips her chip and puts it in her mouth, her taste buds scream with happiness, she can taste the cumin and serrano peppers blended well with the finely chopped onions and fresh cilantro. As she looks at the menu she doesn’t procrastinate whatsoever, she calls the shot right out front and center. Her eyes open wide as she knows exactly what to order, “Can I please have the shrimp enchiladas with a side order of flour tortillas,” silly as it may sound but she must have them to go along with her rice and refried beans. As she puts the fork full in her mouth, she can taste the dimensions of the condiments on her tongue, the shrimp enchiladas are rolled in corn tortillas and nicely blended with cumin and diced fire roasted green chilies, her mouth convulses with the taste of cayenne pepper and chili powder it’s an exciting feeling. The enchiladas are topped off with cilantro, sour cream, “Mexican Blended” cheese, green enchilada sauce and delicious verde salsa. It adds texture and taste to the already explosive yet savory dish. The chemistry between the rice and refried beans are a handful, the rice is a little distinctive yet enticing, she has never tasted chicken broth in rice before but it mingled just perfectly with the taste of cumin, garlic salt, chopped onions, and tomato sauce. The refried beans are luring as the melted Monterrey Jack is smothered all over them, the aroma of garlic and ground cumin are just inviting to the soul and she also takes into account the yellow onions and the oh so wonderful jalapeno chilies that give it that extra flavor. She has attacked the flour tortillas as if they were going out of business. She’s almost getting her belly full but she can’t help to notice the bowl which includes fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers and cilantro…oh how soon she forgets the most flavorful and enticing topping, the salad is drowned with ranch dressing. As she looks to the side she realizes her drink has been unmoved so she reaches for her ice cold glass of Horchata, a refreshing rice drink with a hint of cinnamon. She inhaled her dish so peacefully that she was able to digest every bit of seasoning on her platter, it was enduring to her tummy.
She knows that she has yet to worry about…