Eating out Essay

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After reading eating out and eat right from, those articles showed me how important to keep healthy and fit in this busy lifestyle. Those articles also gave me tips and plans to choose the foods when I have to go eating outside. In today society, we are living in a rush world, we have to do most of things quickly and not many people have a lot of free time because most people are busy with their schedules like work, school, sports, and many other things. With their busy schedule, most people does not have time to prepare his or her food because of that many people tend to eat outside. For me, personally, as a woman, I want to have an ideal weight, but I do not have any choice because I had a lot of things to do. Instead of eat healthy food I eat a lot of junk food. I knew that junk foods are not good for my body, but it help me to save a lot of times. After I read these articles, I got some understanding how to keep fit and healthy. For example, when we are going to eat outside, we should order some food come with vegetables like entrée salads with chicken, cheese or almonds provide protein along with fiber and vitamin. In addition, if we are on diet, we should choose some food with a low-fat and try to skip some of the extras like cheese. Eating vegetable is a good thing because it produces a lot of vitamins and nutrients for our body. For breakfast its better if we get a sandwich with beef, eggs or cheese with some vegetables like lettuce, onion and tomato; also we can add some condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or relish. The ingredients of your food is also the important thing because many restaurant using a lot of oil to cook their foods. Using a lot of oil is not