Ebay Target Market Essay example

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EBay has a very wide range of target marketing mainly because of the wide range of product available at it’s website. Millions of items like collectibles, appliances, computers, equipment and many more miscellaneous items are listed, bought or even sold on a daily basis. In other word, eBay generally target online auction and shopping communities.

However, eBay also has business strategies to target specific segment of the market. From the entire wide range of items available, eBay originally was set up to promote and sell antique and collectibles. This causes eBay to focus more on this segment market. Another key market segment for eBay would be the car and motor enthusiast. This is because of the unexpected popularity
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EBay generally targets a very wide range of demographic, largely based on typical Internet users. Based on Nielsen Ratings, more than half of the overall eBay users have an average age of 45 and above. This is not surprising considering eBay’s main target markets are art & antique collectors and motor enthusiasts. In terms of gender, both male and female users are almost as equal much with 53% of them is male. Up till 2005, it is estimated that majority of the eBay users has an average income of $50k-$75k per year. These data are represented in the charts below for better understanding of the information:


SOURCE: Nielsen/NetRatings

As the chart above shows, the most visited category is eBay Collectibles followed by eBay Motors. This shows that even though eBay targets a very wide audience, their main targeted markets awareness may be achieved. It is safe to say that these targeted markets know where to find what they needed through eBay. Collectibles are still among highest in gross merchandise sales, boast by far the most veteran sellers.

As today we live in modern time, starting up an online business, for example groupon.com and alibaba.com, is very common. That is why eBay may need to be careful as the number of online services is rapidly