Essay on Ebay vs Amazon

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1. Stop focusing on PC’s and target the newer and more frequently used technology such as Smartphone’s and tablets. EBay should make it easier and more accessible for customers to shop online anywhere at anytime. EBay can partner with software companies to develop an application for the Smartphone’s, which can help the customers by: i) Providing recommendations based on customer’s shopping history ii) Giving tailored coupons and other discounts to encourage customers to shop iii) Helping customers find perfect gift for someone. Categories can be created by age and relationship, and will show common interests for each group so that you have an easier time figuring out what to buy. iv) When shopping, scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in purchasing, and you get the price being offered by EBay and other competitors so as to get the best price 2. “Word of mouth” has proven to be one of the best marketing strategies in the past and still continue to influence millions of people. Collaborating with big social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and other more frequently visited sites would be a good move for EBay. Social networking goes hand in hand with Smartphone’s; they allow people to stay connected anytime, anywhere without having to use a computer. Among the many uses for social networks, users find product recommendations, look for discounts and get gift ideas from the friends and family. The Biggest benefit of using social networks is that users can keep a track of what their friends are buying, which is a major concern and influences buying decisions of many shoppers. Businesses who stay active on social networking and have a steadily growing follower base can reap the benefits of their continued social efforts 3. EBay can make shopping much easier and safer for customers by recommending a few “certified” sellers, based on customers’ past transaction and experience with the seller. For example, EBay may list sellers with responsive customer service and convenient policy of return products for consumers who prefer to change and return their products frequently. This would further add a personal touch to the customers’ shopping experience. EBay can also offer other quality services such as better shipping, more refined and focused listings, safe and express checkout, etc. to further add value to customers’ experience. 4. Partnering with local