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6 October 2014 Dickinson and Frost Poem Analysis Essay "Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers, And death as beautiful as autumn leaves.", as
Rabindranath Tagore says. Tagore uses symbolism and similes to convey that life should be beautiful and lived to the fullest, while death should still be beautiful yet, not as bright and joyful as life. To be, or not to be accepted. Symbolism, personification, tone, and diction are just a few of the many devices of literature that we use in our daily lives. In the poems, “Because I Could
Not Stop for Death” (Emily Dickinson) and “Home Burial” (Robert Frost), literary devices such as personification, diction, tone, symbolism, simile, imagery, body language, metaphor, and theme are used throughout these two poems. Comparison between these two poems, written by
Dickinson and Frost will be shown seeing as both themes revolve around death. In “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, Dickinson appears Death as a pleasant and accepting carrier driver. Emily uses personification to personify Death as a kind carrier driver. In evidence, line 2: " He kindly stopped for me ­", Dickinson personifies Death as a "He" at the initial point of "Beacause I Could Not Stop For Death". Secondly, Dickinson uses a metaphor to signify that the narrator is passing. Proven in line 12: "We passed the Setting Sun­", the narrator,

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along with the "Setting Sun" is slowly coming to an end. Last but not least, Dickinson uses imagery to portray that Death and the narrator have come to their final stop. The end. In lines
17­18: "We paused before a House that seemed A Swelling of the Ground­", Dickinson uses imagery to show that the carriage has arrived at the cemetery. In "Home Burial", Frost reveals a man at the bottom of a staircase while a woman is standing at the top. Frost uses symbolism to show where the man and woman stand in their conversation. Evidentially, in lines 1­2: "He saw her from the bottom of the stairs Before she saw him. She was starting down,". Symbolically, they are arguing over the death of their marriage when poetically, they are arguing over the death of their son. Progressing through the poem
"Home Burial", Frost uses body language to communicate how the wife feels during the argument with her husband. Lines 33­35: " She withdrew shrinking from beneath his arm That rested on the banister, and slid