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Kamaria Adams
October 04, 2014
Delores Usea

Electronic Health Record (EHR) flaw at core of US Ebola case

The latest medical disease that everyone is on the lookout for has finally entered into the U.S.; its name is Ebola and has the citizen of North America petrified. I ran across an article that explains why there was a case not only diagnose in the U.S but overlook by medical personnel; EHR flaw at core of US EBOLA case elaborated on how the Doctor’s work flow in Electronic Health Records (EHR) didn’t display a valuable piece of information that the nurse enter in their work flow. What that means is, the system was suppose-to transmit all the data that was enter during the nurse triage portion and it didn’t. Somehow, EHR glitch and left out the most important information that would have identify that the patient was recently in Liberia, Africa. This is what the spoke man said in regards to the incident:
"We have identified a flaw in the way the physician and nursing portions of our electronic health records (EHR) interacted in this specific case. In our electronic health records, there are separate physician and nursing workflows," Texas Health officials explained in the Oct. 1 media statement. "As designed, the travel history would not automatically appear in the physician's standard workflow" (McCann, 2014).
This article provides a global and national prospective; however, because we as a nation use EHR, it gears more so towards national. Glitches within the Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an issue that needs to addresses by the Health Care Information Technologist with the U.S. Since the nation utilizes Electronic Health Records more today than they ever have in the past it must be monitored, updated and frequency check to decrease the chances of health data being missed. This is a global issue because the disease didn’t come from this country; other countries may to have similar issues that could have prevented the patient from leaving their country in the first place. In this case, the nation feels that EMR has let them down and now question the creditability of its usage.
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