Ebola: Common Cold and Ashton Honors Sophmore Essay

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Aaron Ashton

Honors Sophmore Literature and Composition

Mr. Lycos

October 31,2014

Informational Reading : The Ebola Crisis

Ebola. This virus has been in the news for quite a bit now, hasnt it? For those who dont really know about the Ebola virus, let me give you a brief, but precise explanation about it. The Ebola virus was first discovered in two African countries (Sudan and the Congo, then known as Zaire) in 1976. The affected reigon in Congo was near the Ebola River, which was how the virus got its name. Scientists believe the virus spread to humans who had contact with the blood or bodily fluids of infected animals, including bats, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, forest antelope and porcupines (Courtsey Of Washington Post). What I learned from this particular article about Ebola is that for one, this virus can disguise itself like the common cold. It says in the article, What Is Ebola and How Do People Catch It? Says that the symptoms can include:

Sudden onset of fever
Muscle Aches
Sore Throat These symptoms are also followed by:
And a Rash

However, if you have the common cold, this does not mean that you have Ebola! Unfortaunately, I also learned that as this malignant virus progresses in the victims body, the victim develop internal bleeding in the internal organs and on the outside openings of the body. I also think that this particular article is very important for people to read because it informs them like how it