Ebola Essay

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Stephanie V. Montanez
Ms. Paradiso
English 1 Honors, period 7
4 December 2014
Ebola Essay The deadly virus, known as Ebola, is a big headache to people worldwide. It originated in
Africa but then traveled to other parts of the world. People are so worried that they fear for their lives when someone near them has been infected. People do not need to go through all these drastic measures to keep Ebola away.

Ebola is nothing to uncontrollably panic about. People should not be going through drastic measures to keep it controlled and stop it. From the first article, it states that “public health experts unanimously agree that sealing borders will not stop Ebola spread and will only exacerbate the crisis in West Africa and heighten the risk of a global pandemic.” They also state that “none of the banned flights from the past were effective, and the viruses gained entry to populations regardless of what radical measures were taken to keep them out." Bans will only make matters worse according to these points. It will not stop Ebola from spreading. The best way to protect Americans is to protect West Africans. The virus came from
Africa, so people need to go to the source and help the people out over there. According to the first article, “three people in the US have been stricken by Ebola; more than 8,000 have in West
Africa.” There’s no need to worry so much about the Americans. They need to worry about the
Africans. If people…