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Tina Nguyen
Pd.4 10/12/14

Mankind’s Biggest Threat is The Virus

Recently, the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014 has been the largest in history.
This virus has been easily infecting everyone while slowly evolving into a new strain. These statements do support Lederberg’s quote, “The single biggest threat to man’s continued to dominance on this planet is the virus,” is definitely agreeable. If you catch a virus like Ebola, you will have a very low chance of surviving. Once you catch the Ebola virus, there’s a very high chance of you dying, since the fatality rate is up to ninety percent. It’s also because there isn’t a cure for viruses, but there are vaccines. The virus processes by taking over a normal cell in a body to replicate itself until the cells blow up with the replicated virus inside. These viruses will continue by going to their next host to destroy the as well. You will then be defecating from all of the holes in your body, because of the virus bursting your blood vessels. The movie, “OUTBREAK,” shows how one person can spread the disease to others. By having close contact with wild animals, coughing near others, and kissing, it can kill you in a few days. All the infections caused the virus to mutate and become airborne which would be very

dangerous if it started spreading. The government then took extreme measures to use a firebomb. Firebombs are used to pull the virus filled air into the center of the dropped bomb. This proves to us how extremely dangerous viruses can get if they had to use that bomb.
Viruses have been with us for ages, and some had even mutated into new strains. Like the movie, the virus became a new strain and viruses such as HIV-1 a type of bird flu, and of course, Ebola. HIV-1 has now become a stronger strain that may rapidly lead to AIDs . A new strain of the bird flu is called H7N9 now has
126 cases of human infections reported in China. As for Ebola, new…