Essay on Ebola Virus in Maryland

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Ebola Virus in Maryland
October 27, 2014
Lorin Loverde
Ebola Virus in Maryland
While there has been a patient that has survived the virus here in Maryland and had not caused an outbreak of any kind, I disagree with the government decision to send infected patient here. Because of the current Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea has gained such a large amount of national attention, the demand for a cure for this virus has equally become as great. This outbreak has demanded the attention of health care profession throughout the world. With a lot of the top health care providers and scientist all going to Africa to help find a cure, it now leaves those health care provider hometown at risk upon their return.

I disagree with the government decision to send effected patient here. The health care provider that contracted the Ebola virus here in the Untied States while caring for the affected patient in Dallas, Texas wore protective gear, including gowns, gloves, masks and face shields and sometimes full-body suits and was still able to contract the virus. What guarantee are there for health care providers here in Maryland have, that no one else will not be infected? On the other hand, how can they insure that no other citizens will be misdiagnosed? According to the New York Times, “At least 18 cases have been treated in Europe and the United States. Many involved health and aid workers who contracted Ebola in West Africa and were transported back to their home country for treatment.” (Ashkenas, 2014)
The time limit that it takes to diagnose a patient is too long, and a person could spread it to more people. I don't feel safe knowing that it a time limit before an infected person has to go through before they know they have Ebola. As a mother and wife I want to be able to protect my family and love ones. A person who may have the virus can come intact with us and we won’t even know until it basically too late. Many people do not necessary run to the doctor's office or hospital when sick. Many people self-medicate. According to CNN Library; “Typically, symptoms appear 8-10 days after exposure to the virus, but the incubation period can span two to 21 days.” (CNN Library, 2014) In this amount of time, a person who may be infected with the virus could unbeknown spread the virus. In addition, you are not aware that you have been infected until you fall ill from the symptoms of the Ebola virus. [Symptoms of Ebola typically include: weakness, fever, aches, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. Additional experiences include rash, red eyes, chest pain, throat soreness, difficulty breathing or swallowing and bleeding (including internal).] (CNN Library, 2014)
The most important reason I disagree with the government decision to send effected patient here is that I do not truly believe they actually…