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I. Introduction:
Who is Ebonee? Determined, bright, and gorgeous. I would like to introduce you all to Ebonee Anderson. Today I will tell you about Ebonee’s background and family, about her college education and about her career goals.
Transition: I have introduced you to Ebonee, now I will tell you some information about her. First, I will discuss her background and family.
II. Body:
1. Ebonee was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Howard and Shirley Anderson. Her dad an Army Veteran, minister of music, and a mortician and mother a Duval County Public School teacher. Her parents divorced at a very young age but remained an amazing friendship for the sake of her. Ebonee has a total of five siblings, four sisters and a brother. Ebonee attended the local schools in Duval County where she received her high school diploma from Robert E. Lee Senior High School in the year of 2011. Ebonee also has the gift of dance which she has had for sixteen years. She is currently a choreographer for SDS Performing Arts Co. Ebonee is also an alumni of the Robert. E. Lee Marching Generals Band where she serve as a flag girl and captain during her time. Transition: I have told you about her family, next I will tell you about her college education.
2. During Ebonee’s senior year of high school she received a scholarship to attend any college of her choice based on her academics. She is currently rapping up her Associates in Arts degree attending Florida State College at Jacksonville where she is a Business Administration major. After she receives her AA degree she plans to attend University of North Florida and further her education in business or Jacksonville University and waste no time in dance!
Transition: Now that you know about her college education and what she studied, here is some information