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eBusiness Online Proposal
Doris F. Kamara eBusiness/QRT2 02/11/2014 eBusiness Online Proposal
Creation of African Origin is a business that sells African products, like clothes, shoes, accessories, and hair products. It was established in 2011, and located in Elk grove California. This business has one owner and several workers; it has an online system that needs expansion. This paper will be about the benefits and way to expand its online system.

Viability of Products or Services Stokes (2013) stated, “While the Internet and the World Wide Web have enabled what we call new media, the theories that led to the development of the Internet have been developing since the 1950s”. Other Medias like newspapers and magazines are having difficult time in sales presently because of the increasing use of the internet and World Wide Web. Although e-commerce is diminishing due to the bad economy, its average growth is around 25% per year (Platz, 1999). Therefore, Creation of African Origin will benefit greatly by expanding its business online system. The location of the business is a challenge, because there are few Africans living around the vicinity, and even though the demands of the goods are great, people find it difficult to make purchase because of distance. Traditionally, to make sale people have to go to your shop. However, by expanding their online system people can visit the website, see what they want and make purchases without going to the shop. Furthermore, online business costs less; it only takes few dollars to create a website, and maintain it, compared to a building and its maintenance. Now, people do not take a business seriously without having a business website. Online system should allow the business to operate twenty four hours a day seven days a week, which should Increase sale and profit. Despite the many advantages of online system, there are also disadvantages. Competition is a challenge with online business, since the website is open to everyone, competitors may see and copy your style and what you have to offer. Secondly, there is the problem of trust, sometimes customers may like to see and feel the goods they want to buy. Also, customers buying for the first time may not be sure of the product, but after the initial sale, based on the result they get, they may or may not build trust. Another disadvantage is internet connectivity; at times people in remote areas can find it difficult to have internet connection due to their location. Additional major concern about eBusiness is security; because of identity theft and fraud people are afraid to give their information online. Despite all its disadvantages, the advantages surpass the disadvantages because through online system, the business can reach people globally and yield more sales.
Current Online Competition Assessment The concept of marketing is more about the needs of the customers rather than competition. Today most businesses have assumed the marketing concept; however, it was different in the past, where production concept was implemented from time to time. Producers concern was if they can make more products, and if they can produce enough. Later the sales concept was introduced, where in producers started competing to sell their product and started mass production, and their concern was sales and to profit. In this era producers started convincing consumers to buy their products with the means of advertising and personal sale, this concept is known as Marketing. The focus is on the needs of the customers, the pace of production to meet the needs and customers satisfaction. The company that is adopting customer satisfaction and social welfare concept can achieve long term profit (Pujari, 2014). There are many African products merchants all over the world, and the only way to reach everyone around the globe is to market your product globally through online system. There are many websites selling African clothes and products,