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Planned or Unplanned Obsolescence

In my opinion, I believe that planned obsolescence is going to destroy our world in the future. The reason I have these thoughts are because every time we “recycle” these products they end up being sent to third world countries to be dumped. Some may say this won't be a huge problem, but they should take a minute to think about the living conditions and how much longer those living there can take it anymore.

One solution to ending planned obsolescence is by starting a cartel. This Cartel would involve several of groups coming together to make a pact that everyone would sell the best product they could make. Most companies would probably not agree with this, but that is why I suggest raising the prices of all the products they sell. A positive note on this point is that businesses will no longer need to keep workers for too long. They would make a few thousand good products then sell them for a high price. A reason why these “high priced” products would sell is because all groups selling these items would price items at this level. The cartel would continue to establish this pricing just like the original cartel did with planned obsolescence.

A con to this suggestion is that many employees will end up with no jobs and start making mobs. Also, this leads back to the original problem where people had no money to spend on products so the economy died. Sometimes we have to deal with problems like planned obsolescence quite severely. Although, this suggestion would work I figure that this would be too harsh on the economy.

Another problem with society is that people keep wanting to get new things. Most people when they see a new item they will want to buy it. Sometimes the case is that their item has gotten useless, but in other cases the product they have is just fine. One way I have to solve this problem is to have each company make a new product only after many people have complained about the uselessness of the ones they bought. If…