Ece 311 Final Paper

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The Perfect Classroom Plan
Tene` S. Williams
ECE 311
Professor Haroldeen Swearingen
08 November 2010

The Perfect Classroom Plan
As a child, I would image what my life would be like when I became a teacher. In this paper I will explore different developmentally appropriate approaching philosophies, theories, and concepts when teaching math, reading, science and the fine arts to young children across a developmental curriculum. Having to gain knowledge from the early childhood text helped me to create what I consider to be the perfect classroom plan. Preschool education is very important because this is their first experience towards twelve years of grade school. The knowledge they gather will increase as they grow and development.
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Physical and motor development contributes to infant and toddlers’ intellectual and skill development. The children will cut out different shapes, and glue into a book. Once they glue the shapes to the pages, I will allow them use crayons, markers to label the shapes. They will be able to staple the book together I would also designate a day when the children will be able to participate in numerous of physical activities: softball, kickball, jump rope, etc. Those activities will promote physical and motor development.
Social development is another development that I will encourage in the classroom plan. Claudia Eliason and Loa Jenkins state that “the early childhood group, in which children relate to other children of their own age, is an ideal situation for furthering social skills and development,” (2008, p. 14). I will encourage the children to express their feelings. When I communicate with the students, it will allow me to see how they progress with language and literacy. I will also supply different type of mood faces in a box. Every day, the students will stick the face on their cubby that best describes how they feel. If a student is out sick, a sick face on their cubby. This will assist students to with identifying different moods. I will also educate them the different genders, races, and family structures. Identifying the moods through facial express will assist with teaching that some language is not