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Automated ECG monitoring and simulation Automated ECG monitoring and simulation is an automated system which has the ability to display several dynamically generated ECG patterns based on user inputs. It is a simulation of the existing ECG system used for training purpose. The main objective of this project is to design ECG Monitoring system which can be used for training EMT trainees and Medical students etc. EMT trainees and Medical students are not subjected to real time simulations, instead they are taught to evaluate using paper material. To gain a real time practical understanding of ECG monitoring simulation and to completely understand ECG wave patterns, it is necessary to have a practical training on ECG monitoring system. Its main purpose is to train medical professionals to reduce accidents during surgery, prescription, and general practice. However it can also be used to train students in anatomy and physiology during their clinical training as allied health professionals. These professions include nursing, sonography, pharmacy assistants and physical therapy. This is a useful tool for training residents and in ascertaining competency. The core competencies most conducive to simulation-based training are patient care, interpersonal skills, and systems based practice. Extensive medical knowledge and rigorous hands-on training and practice are required to master ECG system and hence this tool