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The Political Response to the Economic Crisis of
William Kope
ECN400 – Managerial Economics
Colorado State University –
Global Campus
Dr. Frederic Bouchet
April 29, 2015

• Identify the history of economic crisis
• Reveal the cause and effects behind the crisis of 2008
• Identify the governmental measures enacted to stabilize the economy
• Review short and long term impacts
• Measures of economic success over time American Economic Crisis

*Creamer, 2015

*Havemann, 2015

• Global economic decline
• Greatest decline in American history since the
Great Depression

Causes and Effects of the 2008 Crisis

-O’Toole, 2013



U.S. Housing Market - Foreclolsures
Mortgage Backed Securities
Lending Practices
Impacts to Banking
Ripple to Other Businesses

– ARRA (American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act)
– TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)
– CPP (Capital Purchase Program)
– HERA ( Housing Economic Recovery Act of
• Freddie Mack/Fannie May


• $787 billion
– Jobs
– Growth
– Transparency in Spending

-Ohio DOT, 2015


Troubled Asset Relief Program
– Wide Span
• Auto Industry
• Housing
• Executive Compensation


• Capital Purchase Program
– Purpose
• Stabilize the financial system
• Provide capital to financial institutions of all sizes • Control spiral effect of the financial crisis, 2015

Housing and Economic Recover Act
• Address subprime borrowers
•$300 billion
•Fannie May and Freddie Mac
•Federal Housing and Finance Agency, 2015

More Government Intervention
– Dodd-Frank Act
– Financial Stability Oversight Council
– Fed Rates

Bersak, 2015

Short Term Impacts

Immediate relief in lending/bailouts
Reduced interest rates
Saved Jobs
Stock market
Increased business activity

Safety Orientation


Long Term Impacts
• Significant Budget Deficits
– Inflation
– Currency Devaluation

• Low Interest Rates
– Inflation

• Unemployment rates

Safety Orientation


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