ECO 372 Weekly Summary Week 5 Essay

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Weekly Summary Week 5

In week five the last week I was chosen to be the lead I accepted it because the team felt like I was not doing my part when it came to taking the lead, which I have no problem but week five really was not a good week to take the lead, reason being I was at a conference in Texas from Sunday to Monday. And I had little to no time on the internet. But I never gave up, I hope the team have trust in me that I will do the very best to make this a good research paper. I stay up late working on the Team assignment Fiscal Policy in which I found some good research that I will take with me throughout my career, and I hope it pays offer. The Dq’s was pretty simple and much easy this week then week four confuse me a lot in week four, but week five I felt more open and confident with these set of questions. Chapter 21 has given me a better understanding of the international element of the economic goals. But there is no way we will understand the conclusion about our economic policy. What I dislike about this week is I do not think I will pass the end of the five week exam because to be honesty I did not have the time to study of prepare for it because of other obligations, but I will do my very best. This week I responded to three require question along with the one no one answer in week four I will try my best to answer it but I do not understand it. I also make several responses to the class post. And in team A forum there was several message on the…