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How big is your eco - footprint? Level 2

We all need to get our footprint down to 1 planet – what is yours?

The way we live has a huge impact on Planet Earth and all the people who live on it. What you eat, how much energy you use and the clothes you wear will affect people thousands of miles away.

Eco-foot printing allows us to measure the impact we are having and compare it with other people. In the UK the average eco-footprint is 3.2 planets.

This means we are using more than 3 times our fair share of the Earth’s resources. What does this mean for other people in the world? What will happen when we run out? These are important questions for individuals and businesses. You are going to explore your own eco-footprint and use the information to make recommendations for your employers and your community.

To find out your ecological footprint, follow the steps below:

Complete a quiz found at to calculate your ecological footprint (this may take up to 20 minutes) and then obtain source data from your assessor to calculate and compare your ecological footprint to the developed and developing countries. You will need to complete an introduction explaining how you will complete this task and the type of calculations you may need to use.

Once you have obtained this information you will need to complete several types of calculations for some or all of the following: amounts, percentages, ratios, mean, median & mode, comparisons, range, formulae, fractions, and estimates. Please ensure that you complete a check for each type of calculation completed.

Keep any evidence of your workings out, however scrappy you think it may look; it can all be included in your portfolio, and you must fully explain each step of your project.

You will then need to produce a report of your findings and also produce at least two different charts/graphs or diagrams that represent your results.

How big is your eco - footprint?
Level 2
Student/Assessor Notes
1. Discuss and agree this assignment with your assessor, get them to write a statement to confirm this.

2. Chose 2 sets of source data, one table & one chart. Speak to your assessor to find where the selection of data can be obtained from. Once obtained you need to state why you have chose this particular source, you can include this in your introduction, see point 3 below.

3. Write a detailed introduction saying what you are going to do in this assignment & why. Describe how you are going to do it, e.g. using the source data chosen and the quiz to calculate your eco footprint. Explain the types of calculations you will use, such as amounts, percentages, formulae, averages and comparisons. You also need to explain that you will be producing a chart, graph or diagram and a report to show your findings.

Important note: You need to explain each calculation before completing it, stating what calculation you are going to complete, what you are trying to find out and how you will complete it, i.e. method. YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE EVERY CALCULATION.

4. Before you can complete the quiz you will need to work out the area of your home, to include all floors, and calculate the area in metres squared. The area needs to be shown for each floor and then each floor totalled, to give the total area of your home. Area =: Length x Width
Show the formulae of how to calculate area in words as well as the actual calculation. Explain how and why you are doing this and you need to complete a check for each type of calculation.

5. You will also need to calculate your mileage for the year, either private or public transport, just estimate if you are unsure. Again gather the data and record it down. As the quiz asks for your mileage in kilometres, you will need to convert the miles using the correct formula:
One mile = 1.609344 km. so, the formula is: miles × 1.609344 = km, write this formula first and then complete your actual…