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Support for delivering the DCSF Sustainable Schools
Framework and Eco-Schools in Worcestershire
Rupert Brakspear, Learning for Sustainability Officer:
01905 766378
Amy Lunt, Assistant Learning for Sustainability Officer:
01905 766809
Some services below are now available through the Property Services Schools
Service Level Agreement (SLA) ~ Energy Management Section ~ for details see Supporting schools in embedding sustainability, through a whole school approach across campus, curriculum and community
INSET / Staff training (through new SLA)
Learning for Sustainability newsletters (funding, training, events)
Support with curriculum development & curriculum development projects, e.g. Parish Mapping project (05/06), Less is More? (08-9),
Energy Award (08-09)
District Eco-Schools meetings each term (through SLA)

Working towards becoming a Sustainable School?
A brief hand out to introduce the DCSF National Framework for
Sustainable Schools, the International Eco-Schools Award Scheme and the support we offer through Worcestershire County Council.

The Sustainable Schools Framework
A sustainable school is guided by a commitment to care:
Care for oneself (health and well-being)
Care for each other (across cultures, distances and generations)
Care for the environment (near and far)
A sustainable school takes a whole school approach:
Integrated across Curriculum, Campus and Community
Schools explore and develop sustainability by:
Working through 8 'doorways' or themes (see diagram):

Meeting and supporting Eco Action teams & working groups
Support with process and application for Awards, Workshops, and

Wider community Energy and water
Buildings and grounds pre-Green Flag assessment guidance
Eco Schools conferences / events

Food and drink

School grounds development service

Inclusion and participation
Strategic work with partner organisations supporting Sustainable Schools and Eco Schools around our Learning for Sustainability Strategy

Purchasing and waste

Travel and