Ecocriticism In Literature

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Literature exclusively studies man with respect to race, gender, class and psychology. The study of man has not been a complete process. Man is more than a social animal as he faces more challenges in his diurnal life living in a digitalized society. Very few are the works that claim the subject related to man’s survival and existence in the technologically advanced society. Literature has taken many drifts in the changing world. Now, it has taken a new turn towards the environmental studies since it is an exigent call from the damaged and the disturbed earth. The representation of the environment as a major subject of fiction has been the emerging trend of literary studies.
One can easily understand the condition of this world while turning
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ASLE publishes a journal—Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE)—in which current international scholarship can be found. ASLE has multiplied into an organization with thousands of members in the US alone. From the late 1990s, new branches of ASLE and affiliated organizations were started in the UK, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand (ASLEC-ANZ), India (OSLE-India), Taiwan, Canada and …show more content…
As Michael P. Cohen has observed, “if you want to be an ecocritic, be prepared to explain what you do and be criticized, if not satirized.” (12). Certainly, Cohen adds his voice to such critique, noting that one of the problems of ecocriticism has been what he calls its “praise-song school” of criticism. All ecocritics share an environmentalist motivation of some sort, but whereas the majorities are 'nature endorsing', some are 'nature