Essay Ecolab’s Profile and It Function

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Ecolab’s Profile and IT function

Abidemi Agboola

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

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ITM 605, Business Profile and IT Function description

Doug Olson, MS, Instructor

January February 6, 2013


Ecolab Inc. is on the major producer of cleaning products and programs for hospitals, food services and energy industries. The aim of this paper is to focus on various aspects of the company. This paper will focus in depth on some of the important functions that help keep the company above the fray. Functions--such as, it business models, design and manufacturing of good and services will be discussed. The company’s vital products
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Vehicle care – The vehicle care unit provides washing products to various car wash business.
In recent times, the acqucision of Nalco has shifted the company’s vision towards water purification and sterilization. Though, most of the company’s revenue are generated from healthcare products sales and cleaning products. However, the company has predicted its water filtration to double the company’s revenue in not so distant future. According to Doug Baker, the company’s chief executive officer. “The main focus is to expand in a world where where 40 percents will be living in water-scarce regions by 2025” (

Furthermore, since water is a vital part of our daily life, one can only agree with the Ecolab strategy to lean towards water purification and solution. As the demand for drinkable water increase in developing countries, Ecolab business grows. More so, Ecolab has pushed forward to establish the “fresH20 water filtration system that will removes impurities and off-tastes from water to help deliver odor-free, great tasting water for drinking and the preparation of food, branded beverages and ice. It also protects foodservice equipment against chlorine-induced corrosion and lime-scale buildup. This helps reduce energy costs and increases equipment performance, reliability and lifespan” (Ecolab Fact book).

Other than water solution development, Ecolab has been a front-runner in green and renewable