Ecoliogy and Population Growth Essay

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Ecology and Population Growth
Michelle L. Swan
December 16, 2011
James Hale

Ecology and Population Growth Ecology is the study of conditions for the struggle of existence. Basically, it is experiencing an awareness of one’s environment and any situation in which organisms interact with that environment. Ecology occurs when the nature of the environment such as soil, climate, weather, day& night, and anything around them can eat and be consumed by the very area of their surrounding (Text, 2011). Uncontrolled and explosive culture change towards a global uniform, simplified with the unsurprising result of the estimated economies could be larger than the current, depending on the measures used at the time. As it increases in size, these emerging economies will increasingly provide the motor for global growth. But the world might not be able to sustain such a rapid growth without serious repercussions on the world’s climate. The loss of economic output, profits, and growth could be a conflict within itself. These direct and indirect diseconomies may then destroy the continued growth of the global growth economy. The basic weakness is avoiding the clear quantitative and qualitative goals for a process aimed at replacing the global economy. This presents a problem because of two major traits of the global economy, which consist of operation of the global economy is exclusive, and destructive to any alternative for economic organization, and the global economy is structurally unstable and can quickly collapse, but with no existing plans and programs for an agreed and organized transition to an alternative model. Focusing the cultural and social reasons and requirement for de-growth, or the antithesis of the global economy we can start in a positive way with its cultural impacts, finding that the so-called “No Alternative” of the global economy exerts a strong degenerative impact on all societies and their formerly diverse cultures. This confusing cultural impact of the global economy makes it difficult for either social groups, or individuals to exercise freedom of choice in their value systems, morels and lifestyles. The human population growth has and