Ecologically-Based Approach Case Study

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Ecologically-Based Broad Assessment A ecologically-based assessment on the strengths and limitations present in Conrad's life informs the plan for counselling. The ecological systems theory recognizes the importance of examining both the person and their environment and the influential, interdependent relationship that exists between them (Rothery, 2008; Ungar, 2002). This type of an assessment is never finished because the client's world is constantly changing (Rothery, 2008). This approach takes all areas of Conrad's life into consideration including physical, affective, cognitive, social, and spiritual domains which will guide the intervention approach.
Physical/Biological Domain - Strengths and Limitations There are many strengths,
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Prior to his hospitalization, Conrad seemed to be an extrovert who was involved in many activities and was social with number of friends. After his hospitalization he indicates that friendship is hard for him and he has withdrawn from spending time with his friends. However, when Conrad called Karen to meet up or when he asked Jeanine out for a date, he did not experience any difficulties. In regards to Conrad's support network, his father is a positive influence who supports his participation in counselling and desire to change. Additionally, Conrad identified Jeanine and the social worker as positive supports in his life. However, Conrad's mother and some of his friends do not provide support. Conrad indicates that he does not think his mother loves him and he feels she is not supportive of counselling. He advised that his coach was unsupportive and his friends called him names when he quit the swim team. Conrad also engaged in a physical fight with one friend who teased him about his intimate relationship with Jeanine. While Conrad's social domain has strengths due to his extroverted nature and positive supports in his father, Jeanine, and his social worker, his negative experiences with his mother, friends, and coach can influence his ongoing counselling efforts. Conrad needs this strong support network to assist with change in his