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Jieqi Mei & Jasmine Mitchell
Ecology, period B4

SPARKLEAN Welcome to SPEAKLEAN! We are establishing a landfill that will be more efficient and beneficial to the public. The goal of our company is to make the city of Chicago a more cleaner environment to live in and producing enough electricity for households. The are plans to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, increase innovation, help improve local air quality, control ddor, create jobs and hire more employees. In addition to our goals and benefits, it is also low cost, and it’s targeted to Chicago residents. This means residents in suburbs, for example: DeKalb, do not count. Landfill gas is created when organic waste in a municipal solid waste landfill decomposes. As solid waste in landfills decomposes, landfill gas is released. Landfill gas consists of approximately 50% methane, 42% carbon dioxide, 7% nitrogen and 1% oxygen compounds. Instead of being allowed to escape into the air, Landfill gas can be captured, converted, and used as an energy source which is good for the environment. It saves all of us both time and money. Creating a new waste management company puts us in a position where we are faced to have many competitors: Groot Industries, Inc, Flood Brother Disposal, Roy Storm Refuse and
Removal service. However, our landfill location is not near them. We are located in the open land of Hinckley, IL. Hinckley is a village in Squaw Grove Township, DeKalb County, Illinois,
United States. The population was 2,070 at the 2010 census. With this little residents, it’s convenient to have a landfill where it’s only an hour away from Chicago.

The process begins when waste is collected. Some ideas are recycled like cans and glass while a portion is taken to the landfill for safe disposal. Once inside the landfill, waste decomposes to produce Methane. Landfill gas comprise to 50% Methane is collected by using and underground network of pipes and wells. From this network, the gas is drawn to a renewable energy facility compression system where the gas is dewatered, pressurized, and filtered to make it clean. When LFG (Landfill gas) enter the system, it has to go through first filtering to remove any large debris and some liquid that may come mixed with gas. Then it enters the compressor which uses high pressure to make the gas used as a fuel. During compression, the temperature of the gas rises, so it needs to head to the after cooling section. Inside the after cooler, the temperature of the gas lowers which allows moisture to condense. Then it filters the second time to remove the condense moisture. Finally the heat is reheated to be used as a renewable energy fuel. The whole process takes seconds. We use a turbine engine that has 4500 HP and 15,000
RPM per day consumption. You can also compare it to a car engine. LFG enters the engine and is combusted, causing the pistons of the engine to spin a drive shaft . The drive shaft is connected to a generator that makes electricity. The electricity is then sent to the yard control system which ensure the plant is meeting the needs. Control system direct electricity to transformers that raises or lowers the voltage. Low voltage will be kept to electric our equipments while high voltage is send to utility electric, so people can use it. In together, we will spend more than 2.5 million dollars. The construction of the landfill will begin March 5, 2015. We will have permits by mid
July after we pay $6,000. It should be finished on August 1, 2016. This is when business starts.
Internships available starting Oct 2017 for college students whether they are undergraduates or in graduate school. **For more information about internship requirement, please contact
123­456­7890 or our website www.SPARKLEAN100.com. In process, we plan on hiring from