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Economic Project
After graduating high school, two of my potential career paths are to pursue pharmacist or a financial analyst. Pharmacist is a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs, advises the medical staff about drug selection and effects, monitors drug regimens, and prepares sterile IVs. An entry level job for a pharmacist is a Pharmtech, Pharmacy Technicians are referred to as pharmacy technologist, assistants, or aids. To become a pharmacist, you have to have an eye for detail, have manual dexterity, and have a willingness to follow directions.
A pharmacist will be prepares and monitors patient medication for home use. In order to become a Doctor of Pharmacy a students need to attend and successfully graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy, pass the exam and serve an internship. Pharmacy required lots of skill such as excellence communication skills, should have the ability to perform calmly in stressful situations, and be capable of multitasking skills. The pay range for a pharmacist is from $80,683 - $133,200 ("Pharmacist Average Salary." Payscale. N.p.. Web. 19 Sep 2013. .)
The Projected demand of workers for the position and supply of positions available is if there are 20,000+ employment then the wages for each pharmacist is 115,780. Meaning the more pharmacist the less money the less jobs they will have.
Financial Analysts suggests financial decision to businesses and individuals to maximizes their profit which are known as portfolios. They investigate a business’s financial statements such as Balance sheet, Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash flow. In addition to recommending their clients of financial leverage, financial analyst also projects future cash flow value, sales, and budgeting.
An entry level position of becoming a financial analyst would be an financial analyst internship. An internship would help a financial analyst candidates gain real work experience. Since the candidate will shadow a real financial analyst, he/she will have an competitive advantage when seeking a real position in the later future.
For this job, a master degree in Finance with a concentration in investment management would be highly recommended along with a minor in Economics. Some required skills are critical thinking, system analysis, mastery of excel, and decision making. An advancement in job promotion or a higher paid salary would to continue your studies and get the Charter Financial Analyst holder.
According to Bureau of Labor