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Professor Martha Olney
Lecture 1
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Outline – August 27, 2012

Administrative Miscellanea

Administrative matters & overview of course The use of economic models
Economics: positive versus normative
Production possibilities frontier

ECONOMICS 1 Introduction to Economics
Professor Olney
Hello and welcome to Economics 1. There are no seats on the aisle. Come forward and take a seat in the front. The GSIs are handing out the second handout. You should have two handouts. You received a syllabus if you came by 12:10, but if you didn’t get one, come to the front after class.
The second handout is your daily exercise. We call them the blue and gold exercise. Blue on Mondays and Gold on Wednesdays. Normally these will be given to you as you walk in the door, and extra copies are up on the stage. You can pick them up after class.
Blue and gold exercises are exercises you will take a stab at or complete before you go to section.
Your GSI will check off whether you have worked on the exercise. Attempts get a point. No attempts get no points. They are not graded for accuracy, just for completion.


This is an open access site.
Anybody around the world can download whatever they want to download. This is where
I will post most things, such as problem sets and old midterms. You’ll want to bookmark that so you can find it easily.
2. Enrollment is handled by head GSI Emiliano
All enrollment is handled by Emiliano. If you have questions about enrollment, that’s the guy you will see. His email is the syllabus and is also available on the website.
3. E-mails archived at bSpace. Much more administrative info in Olney email.
E-mails sent by me and head GSI will be archived on bSpace. That’s the most important thing that I use bspace for—as an e-mail archive. Emiliano will also use bSpace for posting handouts that are connected to section, and that’s the bulk of what we will use bSpace for.
When you do exit, exit through the back doors or the doors on the side that say ‘Exit’. Those two on the side, exit into the basement. You can go out either way.
Clicker – either type is okay
You should have a clicker that you purchased for this class. You should have a generation one or two



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clicker. It’s okay if you bought the simple iClicker.
You need to bring it to class everyday, and you may be using it in another class as well.

There are lots of different Copy Centrals. Use the one on Bancroft because they are not a chain.
The reader costs $17. There are 29 articles in the reader. It’s also possible to download the articles. If you are going to download the articles, you have to download the proxy server. You can get those articles for free if you can navigate through
ProQuest. You can also subscribe to the New York
Times, which probably costs more than $17.

If you just now have taken it out of the box, you may need to remove the plastic tab on the back. Go ahead and turn it on. When you turn it on, there will be one of two things.
If you have the generation 1 iClicker, the power button will light up red; if you have the generation two, there will something on the display screen.

Question: Will you buy the reader for $17 or download the articles?
A. Buy it ($17).
B. Download the articles.
C. I haven’t decided.

When I ask the question, what happens is I show you the question, read it to you, then I